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Welcome in Lautsprecher Service Shop!

Lautsprecher-Service offers repair service:
  • Foam Repair Refoam / Foam Surrounds of all sort
  • Voice coil repair- Reconen
  • making new coils for speakers or Electronic use
  • Repair and tuning of speaker crossovers
  • Buy / Sell used Audio Speakers / Amplifiers / other components
This site offers photos and info about Audio and special Infinity Vintage speakers .
I started this site to help all Audio Freaks to repair and rescue their treasures. I'm also an so called Audiophile that why I take extra care for sound results after repair - I believe that a good repair should be possible to sea or to hear - I mean the speaker should be like Original. Almost all old loudspeakers suffer on Foam / Rubber Surround degradation. In 90% of all cases the Surround is responsible for bad sound - the other speaker parts like suspension, Cone, Voice coil are OK even after many years. After surround repair you nothing to worry about for next 10- 15. The repaired woofer will sound like new (of course when a surround with similar size/material is being used)

Contact Tel: 00436765783926 ,

The Quality of new speakers is sinking so in most cases repairing the old speakers is a good solution. I buy used speakers or other audio gear.

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